If anyone is considering but on the fence regarding going to workshops at the

The New Cheng Hsin Spring Retreat

Transforming Your Experience of Life
(http://www.chenghsin.com/workshop-transforming-experience-o… )

Insight and Enlightenment Workshop

Here is post of encouragement ...

The Buddhists say that human life is very precious, the odds of taking human form are low.
Out of all the humans, how many are interested in increasing consciousness or personal transformation?
Out of those how many are actually doing something about it?
And of those how many are even considering going to these workshops that Peter offers in Pipe Creek at the Cheng Hsin Center?

So realize that if you are reading this and considering going, you are already a rare human specimen.
And it is for you that Peter Ralston created this work.
And I am writing to tell you that if you are even reading this post,
you should know that you are a person who ought to come to the workshops at the Center

The ingredients in the finest meals have to be prepared and cooked before they reveal their taste and complexity.
In the same way, your self-mind, your habitual outlook, your endless reflexive cognitive conceptualizations,
needs some cooking up with the content of the consciousnes work to soften up the concretized notions you have or you and your self and the world, and how it is.

So go get cooked.
Just go.
Get yourself there.

It is a gift, it was created for YOU.
It was designed by a Master to make a difference.
Remember this is not something PR is trying to sell you.
It is something he is trying to offer you.
It is an invitation, a first class ticket to an in-depth immersive consideration of self, consciousness, life and reality itself.

Peter Ralston is a master facilitator, a master at dialog, a master at creating exercises
designed to reveal and communicate the distinctions required for YOU to have a direct experience,
to make leaps, to transform your self, your view, your communication and your behavior.

And he will be there working for you all week, every day, all day--for you or for whomever is smart enough to get themselves there.

Although much of the content may have been conceptually presented in his books, and they quite valuable in their own right,
the experience of a workshop is far different, far more powerful and effective.

So don't make the mistake of reading the texts and thinking that is it.
As Andrew Bird sang, "you can't ride the concept of a horse," meaning of course that you need to ride a horse.
These workshops are a live events. And that is an irreplaceable component.
Read some of the testimonials. I am not the only one who has had this experience.

So in case it is not yet clear, I am saying, if you are undecided, just go.
Get yourself there.
Take the work and the workshop seriously, put your heart and all your attention into it.
Let it do its work. Keep at it and don't let up all week.
It works for you and on you and then in you.

I just thought I would write and encourage any on-the-fence readers, because getting there makes all the difference.
Thanks for reading.

We’ve changed the entire format of the Spring Retreat. In the New Spring Retreat we now start with two weeks in the Art of Effortless Power, followed by two brand new consciousness workshops.

Charles Adkins