28 septembre 2021

The Book of Not-Knowing by Peter Ralston en français le livre de Non-Savoir

Voici le lien pour acheter le livre (the Book of Not-Knowing) en français: Traduire par Anne Carriou le lien pour l'acheter:  https://www.bod.fr/librairie/le-livre-du-non-savoir-peter-ralston-9782957428106            

27 novembre 2019

Obtention du Kyu 16

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09 mai 2019

Citation de Peter Ralston

"I would like to see martial arts turned into a place for the development of human beings, and of honesty.  A place where we can see what it is that we do in life that really makes us suffer and hurt, or be ineffective and incomplete." Martial arts are an excellent place to see that, if done right. Otherwise -- and ninety percent of the time it is otherwise -- it is done like everything else, just to add to our survival and protection, our "rightness." It's the same approach we have to everything else, and only ends up... [Lire la suite]
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